Welcome to TNT Match 2013! 

TNT Pistol Match 2013 - Open Finnish Championship
Shooting range: Oulu-Hiukkavaara
IPSC level: III
Main match: Sunday, June 30, 2013
Prematch: Saturday, June 29, 2013
Finnish Championship divisions: open
Other divisions: standard, production, revolver classic
Stages: 12 + PF
Minimum rounds: 200 + PF
Main match capacity: 80 competitors
Organizer: Range Masters ry
Match Director: Petteri Aro
Range Master: Kristian Poikonen
Stats Officer: Timo Turunen

Registration details

Registration will open immediately and end by June 15 2013.
Match officials registration: Also all match officials and ROs need to register by email.
Registration by e-mail: tntmatch@gmail.com.
Registration Message competitors: Firstname, Lastname, ID, Club, Division, Category
Registration Message Match officials: Pre-match, Firstname, Lastname, ID, Club, Division Category, NROI Yes/No.

Registration fees are listed in the table below. The personal registration fee must be paid after registration, when you have a confirmed slot in the match, to the bank account of Range Masters ry. Foreign shooters may pay in cash at the range instead, but in that case they must contact the stats director before the payment due date.

Registrations that haven't been paid by the due date are subject to cancellation. Received payments are updated every now and then to the list of registered shooters. If, after registration, you find out you won't be able to participate in the match, please let the stats director know about it, so we can free your slot to the next person on the waiting list. Paid registration fees are only returned due to medical reasons (a medical certificate is required), but a paid registration fee can be transferred to someone else participating in this match.


Team fees must be paid in cash at the registration desk, before no member of the team has started shooting in the match. Teams can also be registered and team members changed at the registration desk. Members of teams must be from the same Finnish shooting club because this is a Finnish Championship match.

Late registration

Late registration applies to those registering on June 15, 2013, or after. Only Finnish citizens may late register and the late registration fee must be paid in cash at the registration desk.

Foreign shooters

The match will be held at military area and we need your information:
birth date, country and passport number. Send them by the registration e-mail. Foreign shooters registration will end by May 31st.

Bank details

Account name: Range Masters ry
IBAN: FI75 1223 3000 1030 47
Payment message: TNT lastname firstname shooterid (example: "TNT doe john 1234")
Payment due date: June 15, 2013

If you are paying for multiple shooters, include the names and id-numbers of all shooters in the message.

Match fees

Match officials free
Competitor registration
juniors and ladies 40e
others 60e
No late registration fee
Team registration (cash only) 40e
Arbitration fee 60e

Match information

Range Masters forum:

e-mail: tntmatch@gmail.com