Range Masters is a registered practical shooting association that was founded in 1998. Range Masters operates in the entire Oulu province area, and has its main office in Oulu. Range Masters members are also active in other municipalities of the province, like Raahe, Puolanka, Suomussalmi and Kajaani.

Even though the area is geographically wide (62000 square kilometres), the combined resources of the province have made it possible to efficiently develop the practical shooting facilities. The modern means of communication enable the association to organize its activities.

Range Masters members have done well in competitions, on the national, Nordic, European as well as on the international level. The association can take credit for arranging several commended competitions, including WW Booty, WW Shotgun Spirit, RG Match and TNT Match.

Quality and know-how, in the spirit of the tar burghers.


Principles and divisions

Range Masters aims at being one of the leading practical shooting clubs in Finland. The members of the club know how to arrange top-quality competitions and are known as skilful and sportsmanlike competitors.

Co-operation with the various interest groups - such as other shooting clubs, license authorities and reservists' organizations - is an important part of the club's activities.

Range Masters is a specialized association so the membership is not large - there are currently about 70 members. The idea is to have active members carrying out high-quality activities. Therefore attracting more members is not an end in itself - the membership will grow naturally as new, active shooters begin their career.

As the Oulu province is a large area, the various regions have their own, local leaders. There are three of these leaders and they are responsible for organizing the activities in their region, for informing members about the activities and for keeping in contact with the various interest groups.